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Neodymium (N48) 2 magnetic bracelets (100 - 5mmx12mm)

Neodymium (N48) 2 magnetic bracelets (100 - 5mmx12mm)
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Please note: This product has been recalled by Health Canada and is no longer available for sale in Canada. International clients may still purchase this item from www.Magnetic-Gadgets.com. Note that your shipping address must be outside of Canada
Neodymium (N48) 2 magnetic bracelets (100 - 5mmx12mm)

These magnetic bracelets were custom made to meet the highest quality standards.
The magnetic pull of these cylinders is so strong that you will have a hard time separating them. You will be able to wear your magnetic bracelet 24h a day without being afraid to lose it. You will be amazed by how strong these magnets are, they can lift many times their own weight, they truly are incredible.This magnetic bracelets is also great for performing magic tricks such as making coins disappear.

Size: 100 neodymium cylinders of 5mm x12mm, total length: 50cm
Coating: High quality triple coating NiCuNi (nickel, copper, nickel) offers the best protection available against chipping and corrosion.
Magnetic strength: N48, amazingly strong

Ce produit n’est pas un jouet et n’est pas destiné aux enfants. Ce produit contient des aimants puissants qui peuvent être dangereux et potentiellement fatals si avalés. Les aimants puissants sont fragiles et risquent de se briser ou de s’écailler s’ils s’entrechoquent ou s’ils frappent une surface dure. Veuillez toujours manipuler les aimants puissants avec le plus grand soin. Avant de passer votre commande, veuillez réviser la page Avertissements.

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Neodymium (N48) 2 magnetic bracelets (100 - 5mmx12mm)