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Magic Mystery UFO

Magic Mystery UFO
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Magic Mystery UFO

This magic UFO will allow you to amaze your friends, their jaws will drop in disbelief and shock. They'll be scratching their heads in amazement as the Magic UFO floats around you like magic! Is it static electricity? Magnetism? Psychic powers? Mystify your friends. You can toss My Mystery UFO to brainiacs and skeptics and challenge them to make it float. They won't be able to, no matter how hard they concentrate. Only you know the answer to the mystery! There are no batteries or radio control and its completely silent!

So amaze your friends as the magic UFO hovers and floats all around you! Only you will know how it works! The amazing effect sets up in under 15 seconds! Throw the Magic UFO like a flying disc, spin it like a top, and make it hover and float! To find out how the UFO floats in air, you will have to pick one up for yourself, all we can tell you is that it is Magic!

See the truly Magic UFO in action by clicking on the video below. Please note that individual results may vary, this is a magic trick, you will have to practice before being able to perform as well as the pros.

Magic Mystery UFO